Indiana's only 100 Mile Trail Race - April 29 - April 30 2017



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We are very pleased to announce that the only 100 mile trail race in the state of Indiana will be held at Chain O' Lakes State Park in Albion, Indiana on April 29 - April 30 2017.

Please note that there will also be a 50 mile race option on the same course with the 100 mile race. There will be a 30 hour time limit for the 100 milers and a 15 hour time limit for the 50 milers. The new 100K will have a 18 1/2 hours time limit.

The Indiana Trail 100 is a non-profit event managed by ultra-runners with the net proceeds going back to the park. We are convinced that once you run on our scenic course you will keep coming back. We will help you achieve your goal, whether it's your first 50, 100K or 100 miler or setting your personal record time.


The Indiana Trail 100 is pleased to announce that the 2017 race will be a qualifier for the 2018 Western States Endurance Run.



April Announcements - Please Read

1) 2017 Race Dates – The 2017 Indiana Trail 100 will be held at Chain O’Lakes State Park on April 29 – April 30. Please save these dates to be a part of our event. For those new to the Indiana Trail 100, we feature a 100 mile, 100k, and 50 mile run. We do not offer any distances shorter than 50 miles.

2) 2017 Race Registration – Registration for the 2017 Indiana Trail 100 is in progress. Please enter online through the Indiana Trail 100 website, under Entry/Registration or use the following RunSignUp link to register:
Sign Up

3) Cap – The limit for the 2017 Indiana Trail 100 will be 400 runners. It is at the race committee’s discretion to determine the limits for 100 mile, 100k, and 50 mile entries, respectively. We will provide advanced notice if we decide to close down one of the fields due to the maximum limit.

It is your responsibility to register before we reach our cap. The past two years we’ve filled up in Feburary and were contacted by approximately 200 people trying to get into the race afterwards.

*Update – As of 2/26, we have 348 entrants and again anticipate reaching our limit in March.

**Update – Please note that we’re going to cap the number of 100k entrants at 50 for the upcoming race. You can go to RunSignUp at any time to view the number of entrants.

4) Waiting List – As soon as the 2017 Indiana Trail 100 reaches its limit of 400 runners, we’ll implement a waiting list. The runners will be placed on the waiting list in the order they sign up; the first on the waiting list will be the first to take the place of someone that drops out.

5) No Deferrals/No Refunds/No Transfers – There are no deferrals, no refunds and no transfers for any reason, including injury. However, we will allow runners to switch from the 50 miler to the 100k or 100 miler, and vice versa, after you have signed up.

6) Volunteers - The Indiana Trail 100 is known for its volunteers. Let us know if you would like to join out team. For information on how you can participate as a volunteer please contact Steve Carr at

We’re currently looking for volunteers to assist with set up/tear down, registration, aid stations (particularly at night), shuttle van/drop bag logistics, and course sweeping. If any of those volunteer positions sound appealing and you want to give back to the ultra running community please contact Steve.

7) Pacers – If anyone wants to pace and is looking for a runner to help, please contact Steve Carr at This might be a good solution for those that don’t get into the race as an entrant but still want to be part of our event. If you’ve never run a 100 miler before pacing is a great way to get training through the night with a runner. But more importantly you’ll make a friend for life.

The rules for pacing are as follows: - Pacers are allowed only for 100k and 100 mile runners - 100k and 100 mile runners can pick up their pacers at the start/finish line after 40 miles - Only one pacer per runner at a time Please review the attached link for other pacer rules: Pacers

8) Western States – We are very pleased to announce that the 2017 Indiana Trail 100 is a 2018 Western States qualifying race.

9) Midwest Super Slam – Please note that the 2017 Indiana Trail 100 is part of the 2017 Midwest Super Slam.

10) Buckles – We’ll again provide sub 24 hour buckles along with traditional buckles for runners that finish 100 miles over 24 hours but less than 30 hours. The 100k and 50 mile finishers will receive a medal.

11) Awards – We’re making the following changes, effective 2017:

a) We’re discontinuing the state awards given to the top runners.
b) We’re adding age group awards (by decade).
c) We’re adding an award based on mileage. We could have the first recipient of the 500 mile award in 2017.
d) We’re adding 100k medals, which will have a different design than the 50 mile medals.

12) Training Runs – The training runs are every Saturday and we meet at the Sand Lake Beach parking lot at 9:00 am. The group runs one loop (20 miles) but some go further and some less.

These training runs are very popular and a good way for runners considering/participating in the Indiana Trail 100 to check out the course and train with several local ultra runners. Please note that our last training run is 4/8.

13) FA50K – We’ll have our final FA50K on 4/1 (conditions permitting). Please let us know if you'll attend by clicking Join to the attached link.

  • FA50K

  • 14) Trail Maintenance Day – We’ll have our final trail maintenance day before the race on 4/15. Please let us know if you'll attend by clicking Join to the attached link.

  • Trail Maintenance Day

  • 15) Tailwind – We’re very pleased to announce that Tailwind will be the official and exclusive electrolyte drink of the Indiana Trail 100. We’ll have Tailwind at each aid station, along with water, soft drinks, and coffee. For more product details, please see the attached link:

    16) Hotel/Camping Options – Below are links to where many of our runners have stayed and will stay for the weekend of the Indiana Trail 100:

  • Super 8

  • Quaity Inn

  • Holiday Inn Express of Kendallville!

  • Brick Ark Inn

  • Chain O' Lakes State Park

  • There will be tent camping (non-electrical) available across the street from the start/finish line beginning on Friday before the race. This will be on a first come, first served basis. Please note that you must leave your car in the parking lot if you are tent camping.

    Electrical campsites in the COL campground will be plentiful for campers or RV’s. The campground is less than ¼ mile from the start/finish line and also has access to showers.

    17) Sponsors/Supporters – The Indiana Trail 100 is fortunate to have incredible partnerships with our sponsors and supporters – Afdent, Culligan Water of Columbia City, Ellen Bennett Designs, Fort Wayne Metals, Indiana Trail Running, Jameson Coffee, Kroger, Parkview Health, Running Around Screen Printing, Salomon, Speedgoat Karl’s 100 Mile Blend, Tailwind Nutrition, Three Rivers Running Company, 2Toms and Vera Bradley.

    Please thank all of our sponsors for their support of our event and check out their respective companies by clicking on their own logos on the sponsor page of the Indiana Trail 100 website.

    18) Friday Night Pasta Dinner – For those of you that want to purchase pasta dinners for 4/28 (night before the Indiana Trail 100), please contact Beth Shellman at or call/text her at (260) 636-3417. She will answer all questions regarding pricing, menu, etc.

    Please do not contact us at the Indiana Trail 100 regarding the pasta dinners, as Beth will manage that separately.

    19) Website – If you have any questions about the Indiana Trail 100 that can’t be found in these monthly announcements, most answers can be found on our website at Indiana Trail 100

    While we’re happy to answer your questions, we won’t always be able to respond quickly, particularly as we get closer to the race date. That is why we hope that you find the monthly announcements and website information helpful.

    20) Site Protocol – Our website and Facebook Forum/Event Page is specific to the Indiana Trail 100. Topics discussed include ultra running in general but the focus is primarily on our event as an informational guide to our runners.

    We do not permit advertisements of non-ultra running events/sites, nor their sponsors. While we have great respect for those that compete in shorter distance running events or triathlons, our site does not focus on these types of events, nor do our runners. We will remove all material, links, etc., that don’t meet the aforementioned criteria.